Wellness Center (Weight Room) Intramurals

Wellness Center (Weight Room) Intramurals > September 5th  - June 1st
Beginningthe first day of classes the Wellness Center, also known as the weightroom, will be open to students 7-12 from 2:40-3:15, Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday, and Friday. High school students, grades 9-12, are welcome touse the Center until 4:30. However, there is no transportation for this later time slot. JuniorHigh students ARE NOT allowed to stay in the Center after school hoursand will need to take the late bus or walk home at 3:15.
The Center will also be open most Thursdays for students under the same time constraints as outlined above. However, there is NO late bus runs on Thursday. Students will have to provide their own transportation on Thursdays if they plan to stay after in the Wellness Center. 
Please Note: Theremaybe a rare occasion when the Center will be closed to intramuralparticipants unexpectedly or due to district wide meetings. Signs willbe posted and an7announcement will be made when possible.
Students will not need to sign-up or register for Wellness Center Intramurals. 
However, they will be expected to use this time productively, use proper etiquette, 
follow all safety rules and show respect for others as well as the equipment. 
Students who fail to meet these expectations will lose their privileges!
Academic Grades:If a student is on the failing list or an academic teacher needs themin order to catch up on schoolwork they will be asked to fulfill thatresponsibility first and may be asked to leave open gym and go stayafter with the appropriate academic teacher.