Open Gym Intramurals

Open Gym Intramurals > September 10th - June 1st
OpenGym Intramurals will begin Monday September 12th. Students 7-12 arewelcome to join us at Open Gym on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from2:35-3:15pm. Open gym will consist of students taking part in selforganized play with whatever equipment is out for the day. 
Students will not need to sign-up or register for Open Gym. 
However, appropriate behavior is expected at all times. 
Students who fail to meet these expectations will lose their privileges 
for this intramural time as well as for the next scheduled intramural activity.
Academic Grades:If a student is on the failing list or an academic teacher needs themin order to catch up on schoolwork they will be asked to fulfill thatresponsibility first and may be asked to leave open gym and go stayafter with the appropriate academic teacher.