Fitness Related Information

Fitness will bea high focus of our program. If a person is unfit their quality of lifeis affected. In order to accomplish the task of creating fit studentswe will be assessing students on the Health Related Components,including cardiovascular, muscular strength, muscular endurance,flexibility, and body composition. These assessments are important tohelp the students understand their current level of fitness. It alsogives us a measurement to see the amount of improvement they make intheir fitness level throughout the year. These assessments are based onthe "Fitnessgram" established by the Cooper Institute. Each student willreceive a personal print out of their fitness profile.

It is our hope DCS students leave Dundee with a knowledge base of how to live a healthy and active lifestyle. 

PleaseFeel free to download the description of the components of fitness orclick on the "Fitnessgram" link to learn more about our fitnessassessments.