Questions and Answers

1. How many books may I borrow?

Kindergarten-Second grade students may borrow one book at a time.

Third-Sixth may borrow two.

2. How long may I keep the books?

Kindergarten-Second may keep books for one week.

Third-Sixth may keep books for two weeks.

3. What happens if my book is late?

You will receive a reminder slip to return your books. Remember that

other people may be waiting to read the book you have. Returning your

books on time shows that you are responsible.

4. May I renew a book?

Yes you may! Just ask the librarian to renew it for you.

5. What happens if my book gets damaged, lost or stolen?

You will be asked to pay for the book. Don’t be afraid to bring a damaged

book to the library. Accidents happen and we understand that.

6. When may I start using the computers in the library?

In Second grade students begin to use the computerized library catalog


7. May I ever check out my books by myself?

Third graders learn how to check out and return their own books so they

can become independent library users.

8. May I borrow videos?

No Sorry, but those are reserved for teacher use only.